Get to know your sleep consultant


Certified Sleep Consultant

My name is Ria and I’m a mom of two boys- becoming a mom has changed my life drastically but it’s a great adventure.

I love to talk about my three boys. My husband is also always my example of a fantastic sleeper- he can sleep through anything, even crying babies!

My journey from sleepless nights (yes, I was up every two hours for A’s first year of life) to talking about baby sleep and toddler sleep, positive parenting, RIE and Montessori- is really for me to work on being the best version of me. It’s a great blessing that I get to help families get better sleep and peaceful nights along the way.

One thing I want to put out here today is that there is no perfect parent. I am not one. I am working very hard to be a better one. So for every parent that is struggling and feels like they are failing- trust that you are doing your best. No one loves your children more than you do. If you lose it once in awhile (or often), yell or become the momster or monster mom – don’t let that frustrate you. Take a deep breath,give your kids a hug, tell them you got upset but you love them and you’ll work on being more patient. They don’t need perfect parents but they do need role models. They need people who have their back and love them unconditionally. We can do this. Progress not perfection.

There’s no degree for parenting but we can learn to become the parents we want to be. I am an expert in sleep and well versed in parenting philosophies but YOU ARE THE EXPERT ON YOUR CHILD and I want to help you to be the parent that you want to be. Together we will tailor fit solutions to help you raise a happy, well rested and healthy family- your way.