Sleep coaching is a strategic advantage for parents. It magnifies your best qualities, and re-affirms your self-reliance. Our personalized approach can help your family get the sleep you need.


We study your child’s sleep habits

in accordance to their age

Then prepare a personalized sleep plan

that you and your family can confidently and consistently do

And give support and guidance

as you and your family work towards your desired outcome



Newborn Sleep Class

My newborn sleep class can be purchased on (1 hour)


For expectant parents and babies who are below 16 weeks old

Establishing healthy sleep habits (This is not sleep training but to give you an education on baby sleep so we can establish healthy sleep habits and be consistent as early as we can)

1.5 hour live consultation via Zoom which includes information about:

  • setting up the environment
  • baby sleep stages
  • how we can help our child sleep in the first few weeks of life and
  • an introduction to respectful parenting.
  • To answer any questions that you have.

60 minute pre filmed video on safe sleep and the sleep environment.

30 minute follow up phone call to be taken any time within 3 months after the meeting.


Consultation for parents with babies who are 4 months old to 2 years old

1.5 hour live consultation via Zoom which includes information about:

  • setting up the environment
  • baby sleep at the stage of your child
  • discuss elements about baby sleep
  • schedule and routine
  • naps
  • sleeping through the night
  • adjusting night feeds or weaning if ready
  • dealing with crying
  • basic sleep training methods and strategies
  • respectful parenting
  • Answer any and all sleep related questions that you have.

60 minute pre filmed video on safe sleep ad the safe sleep environment.

30 minute follow up phone call to be taken any time within 3 months after the meeting.


Sleep learning program for parents with babies who are 4 months to 2 years old

The 1.5 live consultation as described above

60-minute pre filmed video on safe sleep and the sleep environment.

A fully written sleep plan for your child.

Video access to the sleep training methods.

3 weeks of support via daily text/emails and check in calls when needed.

A post learning plan to cover common sleep questions on how to handle sleep moving forward (travel, sickness, change of schedule, etc.)


Sleep learning consult or full learning program for children over 2 years old

Same inclusions for the consultation or sleep learning program with the added perspective of positive parenting and Montessori philosophies to give the family more tools to deal with toddler


What is sleep training?

Sleep training is teaching the child how to fall asleep independently.

What age can we start sleep training?

We can start sleep training babies over 4 months (up until toddler age! There is no too late).

Is crying it out part of sleep training?

Sleep training is NOT limited to cry it out (this is one method). We have more gradual methods other than crying it out.

What are the keys to success for sleep training?

The keys to success:

  • Consistency
  • Commitment from you, your partner and anyone else who is helping you raise your child- everyone needs to be on the same page.
  • Patience. You will need a two-week window with no travel and no important engagements (for at least one parent/caregiver), so that we can really work on getting your child’s schedule down.

Is sleep only about my baby sleeping at night?

Sleep training is not only about night sleep but also getting in the proper naps and ensuring that your child gets the appropriate amount of daytime sleep.

What happens if there are other people who take care of my baby while I’m working?

I understand that you might be working, which is fine- as long as whoever cares for your child during the day will be able to keep the schedule and be able to correctly report the times of naps, so that we can get to the right bedtime.

Will my baby be crying a lot while sleep training?

There will still be crying even though we will be choosing moderate or even gentle forms of sleep training, The baby will be protesting this change but I can also assure you that babies are quite adaptable and if you are consistent, it will only take the time when we are working together to get your child adjusted.

What is the cry it out method? Do you use it?

Cry it out method is leaving the child alone to sleep. This is an acceptable form of sleep training with no studies showing any long term negative effects but we do not have to use this method because we can use other methods where you can support your child but allow them to fall asleep indendently.

Do I leave my child while he/she is crying during the sleep training process?

You can stay with your child BUT we will be changing the style of sleeping (for example taking out nursing, rocking, dancing/hele) so there will be crying but you will support your child.

Does it matter if I breast feed or bottle feed while sleep training?

It also does not matter if you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, either will work with the sleep training process.

Do I have to stop breast feeding for my child to sleep better?

Breastfeeding does not have to stop for your child to sleep better. You do not have to wean from the breast (unless it is your personal choice)

Can I still night feed my baby?

Depending on your child’s age and weight/height development and your pedia’s recommendation, we can still include night feedings if necessary. If not, we can also work on weaning from night feeds.

  • So for example babies 4-6 months will likely still have two night feeds but the idea is just feed-sleep and no need to do anything else.
  • We always want to meet our child’s NEEDS, so if they are truly hungry- we will always feed them.

Does my child have to be in a different room for sleep training?

Ideally I would like your child to be in their own room because this is really helpful for independent sleep.

However, due to preference or space limitations, I agree to room sharing with certain conditions:

  • As long as your child has a safe separate sleep space-like a crib or a playpen.
  • The room will be used just for sleeping, when your child is sleeping. (All work or other things will be done outside the room when the child is sleeping and you go into the room to sleep as well)

Can my baby share a bed with me or with my other child?

I do NOT recommend bed sharing (baby sleeping in the same bed as you) with an infant still because of the SIDS risk and other dangers like suffocation due to the loose sheets or due to the adult mattress (which is still too soft for infants/toddlers).

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